December 20, 2007

Um, hello?

Anybody out there? Am i out there? Where am i? Well, for the 3 of you still reading this, thought i'd be remiss if i didn't get a 2007 recap. Okay, we'll, how about two videos? First one back in march with the moog boys tearing up an anonymous nyc sports bar with their very special version of Nirvana. Second from a few weeks back in SF, where a was for a very short time on the occasion of Michael's 30th. He's opening a motherfucking Nebuchadnezzar of champagne. Damn.

Happy 07/08!

May 25, 2007

I Like to Swing

Hello world wide of the net's web! Contrary to the non-existent reports, j'existe!

And i've surface recently swinging a golf club (believable enough), and, uh, a cricket bat (???). No shits, check the pics below. It is me.

Detalis and some full updates shortly.

Also, be sure to check out the 33% finished website for the Kunk party (known to most of you as the gigs at vittula): and its myspace sister site.

Mad props.

March 21, 2007

hello goodbye hello

Agreed it's been a little dry here on ole brankru of late, for the main tired reason of being the super busy. Just checking in to say i'll be in SFNY next from tomorrow to see family and friends. Back to Bpest April 2.

In the interim, enjoy some pics

Luvs, b

February 18, 2007


Hola amigos! Just a quick report to throw up the latest set of pics, and to, well, actually, not a lot more. Sometimes i have the gift of gab, sometimes i don't, what to say?

Best wishes to all and i'm sure i'll be more loquacious soon.
Luvs, b

February 08, 2007

Ode to Ill

Getting over my second head cold within the span of one month. Perhaps the fact that birds have been chirping since mid-January has done a whack job on my immune system?

Two little updates: first, some recent pics here, and second, the so-called 'xpatloop' interviewed me about random budapest stuff, here.

January 30, 2007

It Seems All I Do These Days Is Shout

But, hey, at least that means good things are happening...

First shout: holy shit my friend from way back to 7th grade, Toho, is gonna be on jeopardy! We tried out for that show together some 10 years ago, he passed the exam and i didn't. (why i just didn't copy off his exam i'm not sure) Toho let me know when your bit drops. And, um, win, okay?

Second shout: the moog boys are in Spin. You go boys! It seems like such a short time ago tonyo and i were arm wrestling and scheming in some lolli basement party about how to ratchet up their trajectory. I think they've successfully ratcheted.

Finally, pics from the weekend!

January 26, 2007

Phot - oh!

Whew! My fingers are tired from getting no less than 7 pic updates made. Have a look! here here here here here hereand here

Also, next sunday, february 4, on MTV (magyar television), at 5pm or so, i'll be on some kind of cultural program, blabbing about blogs. So have a look! And if someone has a method to record it, please do because all i'll have is my canon digicam (aka ghetto cam) method.

Finally, tonight i'll be in vienna to catch up with damian at a gig he's doing at "my bitch club". If you're in vienna, come out!

Okay gotta run...

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